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Ideas, goals, concepts

The idea of LAGER[flaeche]
The idea of is to be an autonomous service provider who brings supplier and demander of warehouse and logistic real estate quickly, efficient as well as actively free of commission together. Hence, the market transparency in one segment.


Concept of LAGER[flaeche]
You are looking for warehouses and logistical real estate or logitical service? You want to avoid vacancy or you have the need for action?

Then we would advise you to use! If we talk about warehouse logistic or logistical real estate, we are Germany's market leader - both suppliers as well as demanders perspective! As a specialized and an actively managed portal are we since 2001 active.

Our service is commission free and for everybody available. Further are we uncommitted and all of our employees are skilled and qualified in the field of logistic!

We offer for all owners of logistical real estates adequate commercialzation concepts both online as well as offline.

We additionally support logistic companies with concrete commercialization of logistical warehouse service and partial areas. We are the experienced partner for depot and location research, for publishing warehouses and all questions and concerns about warehousing.

The aim of the new platform is: Trisection for demand and supply
There are on one hand many portals and companies which bid and conciliate for "only" logistical real estate and commercial real estate.  We on the other hand want to offer you various solutions according to your needs in the areas warehousing and logistic real estate. That means that not only offers warehouses and storage space but also partners and service provider of the contract logistik of your service of the warehouse management (your real estate & logistical service) with the help of, meaning to be able to search for the interested parties.

New trisection:

  • Logistcal real estate
  • Commercial real estate/ develpoping space to build depots on
  • Warehouse logistic/ contract logistic

The following types of warehouses can be administrated and with the use of the filter be found:

Storage Area, warehouse, Heavy cargo warehouse , long matreial warehouse, warehouse, logistics area, plant , Warehouse for dangerous goods, warehouse for production goods, Industrial building, open depot, warehouse for bulk materials, warehouse for hanging garmments, Cross Docking Bulding, Warehouse for liquid goods, Gasförmigslager 8warehouse for gaseous goods, warehouse for granulated goods warehouse for bulk materials outside, warehouse for long goods, open depot