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Warehouse of the week - Bad Hersfeld

Interesting warehouse in Stockstadt!

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Register for fast and easy use of our services and facilities.

Here you can register directly as a new storage-property-customer.  To do so, please just fill out the registration form as completely as possible, agree to our general business terms and click on “create account”.  All highlighted fields are mandatory for this registration.  If you click on “show all fields”, you can also add additional information as to your person or your business. Please pay close attention in terms of correctness while entering your information.

With your registration you will receive your pass to the login area where you will find a vast amount of possibilities.  We wish you much success with LAGER[flaeche]. 


For further information our highly competent and qualified LAGER[flaeche] team will be more than happy to assist you in any way.  They can be contacted as follows: +49 (0) 211-416696-0; info(at)lagerflaeche(dot)de.

If your company is allready registered, you may fill in your customer-number here. Both, the company's name as well as the customers-number need to correspond.

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