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Seek and you shall finde - The demand-service from LAGER[flaeche]

The researchers of a real estate, partial area, landed property or provision of service (contract logistic) are able to research their demand in various online databases or on other platform but are definitly not able to create their own precise demand requirements.

This is where our research-severice comes in handy. We offer opportunities to define and publish your criteria in a synopsis. Customers of our information-service with costs are recieving the results via E-Mail.

The clou: This service is in all areas free of commision and our Basic-Version is even free of all costs. For Premium-Version you will only have to pay the work and effort we invested, which is acctually low in costs.

Further offers the demand-service excellent opportunities to enhance qualified contacts with people with demands (potential customers, renter, aquirer)!