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Warehouse of the week - Bad Hersfeld

Interesting warehouse in Bad Hersfeld!

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Company Introduction

Our company

LOG[world] the latest dimention for the logistic branch

Beneath the name LOG[world] we administrate,, and These are six service areas for our customer for the branch transport and logistic, industry, commercial real estate, intralogistic, trade, banks as well as insurance which we built up.

With our clearly defined positioning through the specialization on business, client and logistic are we the platform for all companies which want to expand within and with the logistic. With the help of this combination we creat a high rate and quality of efficiency degree for our client. No matter whether you want to expand with your company, realize, let or construct your warehouse locations, are willing to look for executives or qualified and skilled labour, optimate your logistic (Supply Chain Management), lower your costs for transport and logistic, we have the competence and the concept for each and every demand or situation of your company.

The operating company of all service areas and online portals is the Logvocatus company for eCommerce and logistic.

Compressed layout of LAGER[flaeche]

LAGER[flaeche] was in 2001 as a part of the Logvocatus association for logistic and eCommerce mbH invented. With a rate of growth of 68% in the past years we can count 2.400 associations and companies to our clients. Especilly strong is our presence in the medium-size business of logistic services. Not only medium-size businesses but also real estate agents and project developer as well as greater industry and trading companies cooperate with us from the beginning on.

Our competences and strengths are especially in the branch of the logistic and the employees who all come from the logistic itself as well as the products and services which got customized for the challenge! In Germany we are leading in depot logistic and logistical real estate with a large attendence of on avarage 8.500 visitors and a dwell time of more than six minutes!

We are way more than just an internet platform in which you may place your insertion.
Besides our service-packages we offer a great deal of profitable consultation service and with LOG[direkt] our direct-marketing-service a great addition. By researching and marketing  postally and electronically by doing mailing campaigns, online research and telemarketing-campaigns we achieved great succuess!

Your benefits at one glance:

  • Specialization on logistical real estate and depot logistic
  • Focussing on B2B, therefore high contact quality
  • Employees have longtime experience with depot logistic
  • Commission free service
  • We are nutral and independent
  • Equally strong with supply and demand
  • Outstanding interconnectedness in the internet and in the logistic and real estate branch
  • An actively managed platform with many "offline services" from person to person!
  • Attractive advertising space for the logistic branch