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Warehouse of the week

Warehouse of the week - Soltau

Interesting warehouse in Soltau!

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The latest applications

The latest applications

You are looking for a suitable storage possibility?

We support your research for a suitable warehouse or logistical real estate. Entre your demand for free and find the real estate of your dreams. In order to get to your dream real estate we challange you to either register or send us your demand draft.

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Logistical Real Estate, Commercial Properties and Contract Logistics

There are many portals and businesses which offer and conciliate “solely”  logistical real estate and properties. We however, offer solutions for the needs of storage and  storage logistics. This means, not only offers properties and storage facilities, we also recommend  the partners and service providers for the contractual-logistics, meaning the real estate and logistical services.


You have a short-term change of plans or have to plan long-term storage capacities? Our category “storage areas” serves just this purpose in the areas of logistical real estate, Commercial Propertiescommercial properties and contract logistics. Especially since the point of location of the property has great influence on the structural operations in terms of efficiency and costs.


To now close the gap between the supply and overall industrial demand, you will always find up-to-date storage- and property-offers  as well as storage- and Demand[flaeche] property-requests of commercial logistical real estate in our specialized portals.  You as well, should make use of our strengths and experience by means of a goal oriented and extremely efficient commercialization of your logistical real estate, commercial properties or services of contract logistics.


Should you also want to advertise your vacant logistical real state or should you, as a logistical service provider want to offer your services, then with us you have the opportunity to choose between our various types of package deals.  Experience shows: you save not only time and money but also speak out directly straight forward to interested parties during this direct marketing and hereby enhance your marketing success.