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Our products and prices

Lösungen zur Vermarktung von Kontraktlogistik, Logistikimmobilie, Lagerhallen,

You would like to enlist our services? We will definitely have an offer for you. offers you the opportunity to insert logistical real estate, commercial real estate and contract logistical services meaning to insert and pubilish demands or to use our wide range of services as our service-partner.

In the rubric supply[flaeche] you get to know each and every individual package which we composed to enable you to insert your logistical real estate.

At demands[flaeche] you can realize your favorit logistical real estate with a high quality of new contacts. When you wish to use more than the basic service do not hesitate and contact us we are more than welcome to help you.

We offer you with our products commercial[flaeche] and service[flaeche] a veriety of products and services.

As a registred customer you have the possibility to recieve a daily updated and latest warehouse demands. In addition, you are entitled to use your individual advertisement space on which you may present for example your projects to a bright audience in order to merchandise yourself.